The Best Chicken Saltimbocca

Here’s another classic Italian dish for you. As always, I guarantee it will be better than any pizzeria or restaurant. The recipe is simple enough but the key is to season properly and not allow the chicken to dry out. As always, I recommend using the perfect cast iron pan from Amazon for this recipe. It allows the flavors and juices to soak into pan and makes the chicken taste even better than normal. Get yours here on sale for $29.99!

12 Inch Cast-Iron Pan


  1. Thin sliced chicken breasts
  2. Fresh spinach
  3. Thin sliced prosciutto
  4. Mozzarella cheese
  5. White wine
  6. Garlic/Oil
  7. Spaghetti


  1. You’ll need two separate frying pans for this. Drizzle some olive oil, garlic, and butter into both pans on medium heat. Salt & pepper both sides of your chicken breast and coat in some flour. Then, toss the chicken in and coat until golden brown on both sides. Make sure it’s cooked all the way through.
  2. In the other pan, toss your spinach in. If you’re cooking for 4, I’d recommend using the entire bag of spinach because it will shrink tremendously. Saute that until the spinach is soft and covered in the oil & garlic.
  3. While that is going on, you should be boiling some spaghetti or rice to use as a base for the meal.
  4. As the spinach is getting done, pour some white wine in to act as the sauce. If the sauce is too thin, add some flour or butter to thicken it up a tad. Taste for flavor as you may prefer to add some salt, pepper, or other seasoning to make it fit how you like it.
  5. In the other pan, place the prosciutto flat on top of the chicken. Then, add some spinach on top of that and finally pour some mozzarella cheese on top of all of that. Cover with a bowl to allow the cheese to melt in.
  6. Take some of your cooked spaghetti and mix it with some olive oil and garlic to keep it from getting dry. Use that as your base on the plate, and place the chicken on top of that. Drizzle some of your white wine sauce on top for extra flavor and juice.
  7. The idea is to just get all of the flavors together. How you go about doing it is entirely subjective but this is how I did it.

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Wine Pairing

Normally people will tell you white wine goes with chicken. Fine. But me? I really like red so I’ll give you a good red wine recommendation. Since it is chicken though, I’ll suggest a Pinot Noir which tends to be less intense and smoother than other dry reds. This Meiomi has nice hints of red fruit throughout the finish. You’ll probably notice some raspberry and strawberry flavors that combine it with a smooth vanilla finish. Good value for the price.

Also, with Christmas Eve next week, I’ll be making the 7 fishes. I may post some recipes from that night as well. Check out my Instagram feed as I’ll be doing a couple of short live videos on how to make some of the dishes @njanny8


Non-Cooking Thoughts of the Week

a. Recently, more developed stories related to antibiotic resistance has come to the forefront. Basically, due to the abundance of drugs being used to treat diseases and infections over the years, some bacteria have become resistant to our typical antibiotics rendering them useless. Medical fields are going to need to make big strides moving forward to help avoid these trends. The article below was very informative to me.


b. Great article from the Wall Street Journal about where people have been moving to make more money. Technology has been driving the migration to more cities that are home to tech-savvy companies. It could be having some adverse effects on our economy though. A good read.


c. On a cold, wet, and overcast day where is the last place I want to be? Probably sitting in line outside of a bar in Hoboken for hours. Check out these pictures and videos of dopes waiting in the cold so they could get inside for an overpriced drink. Yes, Santacon can be fun but this seems like a ridiculous effort. From the article, there were people who stood outside for almost two hours and started cursing at the bar-staff and cops to let them in. Merry Christmas!


Week 15 NFL Picks

So far this year, I’m sitting at 12-7-1 in my bets. That’s good enough to keep me alive and avoid any big complaints from Jim Torsiello & Eddie Auer. We’re into December which means crunch time for NFL teams trying to make a postseason push. Here’s three games I guarantee will win you this week.

1. Cowboys @ Colts (-3.5)

When teams/players get tired and worn down, the more physical squads start to prevail. Dallas has one of the most physical teams in the league which allows them to wear down their opponent as the day goes along. Dak Prescott has been money the last few weeks. The Colts are coming off a huge win over Houston last week and I expect Dallas to be able to run down Indy’s front seven on defense. This game will be too close so I’ll take the points here.

Pick: Cowboys (+3.5)


2. Titans @ Giants (+1)

The Saquan hype train is full steam ahead. With Odell out, he’s put the team on his back the last couple of weeks and the Giants have finally found the formula for their offense: keep giving the ball to Barkley and don’t let Eli drop back that much. I really don’t trust the Titans playing on the road even if they probably need the game more than the Giants do. Big Blue has played nearly all of their home opponents tough this season and I expect them to manhandle Tennessee.

Pick: Giants (+1)


3. Packers @ Bears (-4.5)

Speaking of people I don’t trust. Here comes Joe Philbin for the Green Bay Packers. What a buffoon this guy is. I think I’d trust my freshman football coach Steven Maybe (yes that’s really his name) over this guy to make any correct decision throughout the course of a game. Aaron Rodgers is trying to make chicken salad out of a chicken shit roster. This won’t end well for him as I expect the Bears D to feast on him at home. I’ll lay the points here.

Pick: Bears (-4.5)


Farewell Quote of the Week


-Ian Eagle


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  1. Betting on NFL gams is impossible.
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