The Best Peach, Maple, and Bourbon Glazed Pork Chops

I like pork chops. I like bourbon. So why not combine the two? I’ve added my own touch to a classic autumn dish. These pork chops use a nice glaze of peaches, maple syrup, and bourbon to infuse perfect flavor into otherwise regular pan seared pork chops.


  1. Four bone-in pork chops
  2. Three peaches
  3. 1 cup of maple syrup
  4. 1/2 cup of Jim Beam bourbon
  5. Olive oil
  6. Butter
  7. Seasonings
    1. Salt
    2. Pepper
    3. Chili powder
    4. Paprika
    5. Garlic powder


  1. On a nice cutting board, lay out your pork chops. Use the seasoning listed above and rub them into the meat. Get a nice coating on both sides and let them rest until they are closer to room temperature. Never cook your pork chops cold! They won’t get as tender and will be tougher to eat. It’s not what you want.
  2. While that’s happening, you want to get your glaze ready. First, cut up your peaches into chunks (skin on is fine). Then, put them into a blender or something similar along with your maple syrup and bourbon. I personally prefer the Ninja Food Processor. It’s more efficient, cheaper, and easier to clean than a regular blender. The consistency of the glaze comes out perfectly using this. Click on the link and try it out for yourself!
  3. Once that is mixed together, pour it into a small stovetop pot heated to medium low. Let that glaze take some time to boil slowly. You’ll notice the strong aromas from all three ingredients. Don’t worry, it’ll taste even better than it smells.
  4. At this point, you’ll need to get your pork chops going. In a cast iron pan, line it with a thick layer of olive oil. Cast iron is the best because it allows for the flavors to really be amplified throughout the meat you’re cooking with. With regular pans, I’ve found that the crust on the meat just isn’t the same. Using cast iron will allow you to establish a thick and flavorful crust that traps in all the juices from the pork chops. Click on the link to get your own cast iron pan It’s the best purchase I’ve made from a cooking perspective and it has a truly infinite lifespan!
  5. With the heat turned on high, start laying your seasoned pork chops into the pan. After about 4 minutes, flip them. At this point, you’ll notice a perfect dark crust on the chops. Now, take a small chunk of butter and toss it into the pan next to the pork chops to allow it mix with the olive oil. Makes for better flavor. Grab some sort of brush/ladel and lather the glaze onto the cooked side of the pork chop. After 4 minutes are up, remove the pork chop from the heat and place it onto a plate or platter and glaze the other side of the chop with the peach, maple, & bourbon sauce. Cover in tin foil and let them rest for 10 minutes. You can probably do two chops at time.

Note: there will be smoke. There’s no way around it when it comes to searing things in a hot pan so just open a window or call the fire department in advance.


Beer Pairing

Cooperstown Brewing Co 1998 World Champs 20th Anniversary Brew

The irony of this beer is that it represents a better time in Yankees history the same week that they got eliminated by the Red Sox. A shame, really. But this golden ale is great. Smooth, crisp, easy to drink, and great to pair with this meal. It has a small amount of hoppy-ness to it so it works well whether you love IPAs or not. If you can find it, enjoy it!


Non Cooking Thought of the Week

a. I only have one for you this time. It hits close to home. The Rutgers University football team is beyond an embarrassment. They are a complete dumpster fire. Not only do they put their own school to shame, they put the entire state of New Jersey to shame. How can a D1 program put that kind of crap out there every week? What in God’s name are they doing all week? Practicing or picking their own asses? Head coach Chris Ash is about as clueless as they come. He continues to throw a freshman QB out there who doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near a damn football field. He has 15…FIFTEEN interceptions in 7 games. This program has continued to go downhill and is now the biggest laughingstock in college football. What a sick, sick joke.


Farewell Quote of the Week

“I think real success is leaving a legacy that can be sustained. We definitely did that!”

-Former Rutgers Coach, Greg Schiano

What a long, painful road it has been since then.



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